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Combine pages in Wyam

In previous post Website refactoring using Wyam I wrote about how I created my website using Wyam. I focused on configuration and Markdown content. This time I write about Razor pages in Wyam. Specifically how I created Projects page.


Website refactoring using Wyam

Until now I had personal website implemented using Orchard CMS. It was almost unchanged for several years. Sometimes I was thinking about upgrading the Orchard engine, but there was always something with higher priority. When I heard about Orchard Core running on ASP.NET Core, I told myself that it's really time to do some upgrade. However, I realized that almost all content of the website is static and maybe better solution would be to use a static site generator. Then I found project Wyam by Dave Glick. Wyam is flexible and extensible static site generator implemented in .NET Core.